Sunday, October 13, 2013

31 for 21: Birthday Party

Ella was invited to her little friend Aliana's birthday party at the roller skating rink today! This was Ella's first time on skates! I had the boys come along so that Chris could help Ella out on the rink and Hunter could skate too!

Ella was super excited getting her skates on!
Hunter's first step on the rink (today) was a clumsy one : )
She seemed to enjoy it for a minute
Even tried it by herself
and then something set her off....she didn't fall but she started freaking out. She sat down and folded in half and started bawling.
Blurry but a cute pic of that beautiful face  : )
Daddy tried one more time to get her to have fun...
It didn't work...and the flash on the camera does a great job at washing out a red blotchy cry face.
Getting off the rink
She was not pleased.

Hunter had a great time roller blading though! He did pretty darn good!
Stopping wasn't his strong point, lol, but he did good!

Ella did have a blast at the party though! They had this indoor climby thing

and a bounce house!

My boys : )
Ella and her sweet little friend Aliana!

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Becca said...

I have often wondered how Samantha would handle being on roller skates/ice skates/skis, and I think she'd probably do the same as Ella did. Glad she tried it, though! Think she'll give it another chance some time?