Monday, October 14, 2013

31 for 21: Homework

So far 1st grade homework has been pretty easy! Ella's gen ed teacher gives out a monthly homework packet. It seems like it is less then the homework she had in Kindergarten, that or she is just protesting less!!!

Part of her packet is 5 sheets of math problems. They are supposed to be practicing their addition facts....which I think is like remembering your multiplication tables. The kids are supposed to do all the problems in a certain amount of time. I looked at all of these problems and thought, SERIOUSLY?? Much to my surprise Ella enjoyed her first 2 worksheets, in fact did them both in one sitting! She was even grasping the concept that a number + zero = the number. So she would say "2+0=2" without thinking about it! Yay! The rest of them she couldn't just rattle off like that, but she was totally able to figure them out herself! I am just so proud!!!

This evening we did the 3rd worksheet, she did great but needed a little extra incentive to finish....whatever works : )

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