Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 for 21 : Birthday Party Part 1

That's right. Part 1. This little girl has more birthday celebrations than anyone I know, but she also enjoys her birthday more than anyone!!! It helps that we were in Georgia the week before her birthday so we got to celebrate with our family down there!  Her first birthday party was a pool party at Grandad and BeBe's house!

Ella looked so cute waiting for her "guests!"

She totally looked like a little surfer girl : )

My beautiful girl....she is growing up WAYYYYYY too fast!!!

I LOVE this picture but it's blurry : (
Grandad, Ella and BeBe
With sweet Bubba too!!!!


Paige and Ella.....I think Paige has grown even more since we have been here (remember she is only 4!!!!!)
Sassy cousins!

Pool time!!

Dinner time!
Dustin and Hunter
Ella tried on several occasions to open her presents...without the rest of us, so she was super excited when it was finally present time!  Grandad and BeBe got Ella a doll that has very long hair....
to go with her new salon chair! Ella LOVES to play hair salon these days!!!  She loves this!
She got a coloring book, some cool crayons and some My Little Ponies from Paige!!  She was excited!
Bubba got her a Woody, Jesse and Bullseye
Grandmom and Grandad got her new clothes and a diaper bag ("Mommy Bag") for her new Cabbage Patch doll, and Go Fish, and a little picture frame from the Cabbage Patch Hospital and they put her and baby Lexi Caillou's picture in it! She loved it!
Hugging the picture of herself : )
Opening Nana's present!
Nana got her an ice cream cone making kit for Playdoh and a Monster's Inc playdoh kit where she can cut their hair!!!  She was none to happy when I packed it up tonight. Sorry Ella!!!!
Ella and Paige fixing up the new baby!

Grandmom, Ella, Paige and Grandad
Ella's ice cream cake....yummy!!

I can't believe my baby is about to be 7!!!

Marie, Paige, Ella, Dustin and Nana
Dustin and Hunter! Hunter sure had fun with Dustin the last two days!!
Grandad, Ella, Hunter, BeBe and Ruby!  Yay...I finally got good pics of them (Dad and Debbie aren't fans of my camera : )
4 Generations!

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