Wednesday, October 30, 2013

31 for 21: Opinions

Apparently Ella is developing strong opinions about her clothing these days. I think it's pretty awesome : )

Today was school picture day. Last night I was pulling out different shirts and holding them up to her. She decided right off the bat that she liked this one.
I kept trying to get her to forget about it because I really wanted her to wear a blue one that made her eyes sparkle. But it wasn't worth the battle : )

She also decided that she needed a scarf!
The other night I got Ella out of the bath and put on her jammies. Well...Hunter's old jammies, which she has always thought were cool. Ella started bawling. Her bottom lip was poked way out and she said "But I not a boy. I a girl."  I explained that it was okay to wear boy jammies, especially since they were so nice and warm. She got over it. Then last night I got out more boy jammies (because dang it they are expensive and Hunter's old ones are still in great shape,) and she poked out that lip and said "I not cry. But I still not a boy." Gotta love it : )

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Cindy said...

Awwe! She's really growing up! (You gotta get the girl some pink jammies!) :)