Friday, October 4, 2013

31 for 21: Ella's Birthday Part 2

Birthday Party # 2 at Grandmom and Grandad's house (Ella's Great Grandmom and Great Grandad)!!!!

Grandmom and Ella baked the Birthday cupcakes!!!

Cracking the eggs!
Putting in the liners

Grandmom let her lick the batter....shhhh don't tell Grandad (that is his job!)
Paige came over when she got out of school! The kids frosted and decorated their own cupcakes!

A little assistance by Nana and Grandmom!

Mr Nick and Mrs MaryAnn came over to help celebrate too!

Ella and Grandmom make the best cupcakes!!!!!!
Then it was present time!  Mrs MaryAnn got Ella a Birthday crown and glow in the dark princess wand..
and a sticker book!!
Mommy and Bubba got her some books and a waterbottle....gotta love a kid who says "NO WAY!!!!" in excitement over every little thing!!
Nana got Ella some airplanes from the movie Planes....she was so excited! No WAY!!!!
Opening Grandmom and Grandad's present
a fun game like the Leap Frog game she has been playing over there....
AND a Barbie head for hair styling!!!!  She is OBSESSED with playing hair salon!!!!
She also got some more hair salon accessories!!!!!
Exciting stuff!!!  "NO WAY!!!!"

After presents Hunter practically ran out of the house to get back on his beloved tractor!!!!  After he rode around for a bit he got to wash it....while Grandad supervised : )
The boy LOVES to drive that tractor!!!!

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Becca said...

Happy birthday (a bit late) Ella!!!!! Love these pics. And I'm amazed at how much restraint she had while frosting that cupcake - Sammi would have shoved it in her mouth before the frosting ever even got close! LOL