Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 for 21: Mornings are ROUGH

Ella has woke up the last two mornings and said "I sick, I no go to school." Makes me a little sad. It's been hard getting her motivated. It's a battle to get her out of bed (she sleeps 12 hours.) Then she goes potty and won't get off the toilet. Finally she will come down for breakfast and just stares at it and then tries to convince me that she is sick. She will eat literally one piece of cereal on her spoon at a time. It's a little maddening. Then she will go "brush her teeth" which consist of her taking forever to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush and then she just sits on the stool and everytime I look she pretends to be brushing, all the while I am saying "come on Ella, hurry up Ella, etc etc. Then I will tell her that is ENOUGH brushing and to go get her jammies off. Well that takes forever and often I find her sitting in the middle of her floor sucking her thumb staring off into space. Often I "help" her get her jammies off, to which she of course protests. Then comes the getting dressed battle, followed by another trip to the bathroom, followed by getting her hair done. Then the jacket battle starts...quickly followed by the shoes.  Man mornings are rough. I am the first to admit that I am NOT a morning person. At all. But I feel the need to slap on that smile and be upbeat because who wants to start off their morning dealing with a grumpy mama. But holy cow this kid.

 I think it's just that school is...hard? I know she loves school but I think the transition to all day 1st grade has been a bit rough, that and last year she was in afternoon Kindergarten so we got to wake up and hang out and eat lunch all before school.  Ella is totally keeping herself together at school, and behaving well, and all around doing great (at least I think so and have received no word to the contrary,) and I am THRILLED about that but home life can be a little rough before and after school with an exhausted kiddo. So this morning I told her if she hurried that she could pick out her clothes (and made it sound like that was fun, lol.) She picked out this shirt and was just thrilled with herself. It's definitely too big for her but I didn't care. Her little arms just disappear in there, lol! She begged me to take a picture!!!!

That smile on her sweet face makes all the little struggles all worth it!!!!

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Cate said...

Oh god yeah. Mornings. Abby is completely unrushable. It's maddening, and I end up doing everything for her, so she's never ever going to be independent.

First grade is hard! She's been taking naps again, even.