Friday, October 1, 2010

31 for 21 blog challenge Day 1

Well, it's that time of year again. October is Down syndrome Awareness month and if you read my blog you are AWARE of why this is a special month to me : ) The idea behind this 31 for 21 is that participants will blog each of the 31 days of October to raise awareness of Ds - hence the 21 for Trisomy 21. Got it? I have failed miserably in past years so hopefully I can get my act together this October and stick with it. I don't know how many of my posts will be insightful, most I'm sure will be pictures and probably summer flashbacks (because I was a horrible blogger this summer and I have tons of cute pics to post.)

I will kick this thing off by asking for help......

Yesterday I took Ella to the eye doctor. I was told when Ella was born, "MOST children with Down syndrome need glasses," and you need to keep her vision closely monitored. (I hate generalizations and perhaps that is why I'm not liking this.) Ella, this past year or so, has been going to the eye doctor every 3 months. I love her doctor. He is not quick to put kids in glasses, likes the wait and see approach, which I like. Anyhow, today he informed us that Ella needs glasses. Apparently since we were last there in June Ella's eyes have changed quite a bit, well that and she was actually cooperative today and he got a really good look at her eyes. She is farsighted, has an astigmatism, and one of her eyes is crossing and the muscle is breaking down, so glasses it is. I am thrilled *insert heavy sarcasm*!!! That child fights me over EVERYTHING, I do not think this is going to be pleasant for either of us.

We went to the optical shop and tried on, against Ella's will, several pairs of glasses. I have to say that I did not care for the glasses that most kiddos with Ds are getting these days, they really just looked awkward on Ella's face to me. The lens part of them barely went past her actual eyes and they looked too small to me. The shop let me bring home 6 pairs of frames to try on again, my guess is because Ella was being a pain, a BIG pain in the shop and they wanted us to hurry up and leave. (not really they were super nice, but still.)

I thought I would be way more upset when this day came, and really I kind of figured it was coming. I don't know what it is. Part of it is that it is just one more thing to deal with. Part of it is something more for her to get picked on for? Part of it is vanity on my part, she is such a beautiful girl and I don't want to cover up her face. Part of it is money, they are not cheap! BUT, after the doctor explained to me the issues that Ella is having I of course want her to have every advantage and obviously vision is so important. So here we go!!

So I've narrowed it down to 3, 2 really, but here are pictures of Ella in the top 3 pairs. Keep in mind that none of these have been adjusted at all, they are straight off the rack and that Ella has been crying, throwing a fit, and her eyes have been dilated so she looks like a mess! What do YOU think???

Pair 1, If I get these we will order them in pink

Pair 2

They have black dots on them where the lady was measuring..

Pink Pair

Specs 4 Us, I think I just don't like the shape on Ella


patsy said...

ella grace looks too cute in all the glasses! and it looks like you all had so much fun at the buddy walk, we will do our first one in nashville this month :)

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

i honestly think ella looks AWESOME in all of the pics with the glasses - but i totally hear you on all of your reasons for not wanting them! i think i like #1 the best - they would be adorable in pink. did you see this post about nella's glasses?
maybe an internet search for tiny frames you like would work out for you, too???

amandajessica01 said...

The first, the first - definitely the first! (And not just because I had pink frames at that age :).

RK said...

First, Kacey, I think we all go through the "no glasses on MY kid! They're too cute!" thing. At least I did... I put off ordering Braska's glasses for over a month because I just didn't want her to have to have anything on her pretty little face.

BUT having them made such a HUGE difference in every aspect of her development, clearly making improvements in only a couple weeks time. It was crazy. So I actually wish we'd have done it sooner, instead of doing the "wait and see" that we did.

Oh, and don't feel bad about not liking the Specs4Us. I don't either. NOT that I don't like them in GENERAL. Just don't like them on Braska at all. They don't fit her right. And I think Ella looks exactly like Braska when she tried them on...they don't seem to be the right type for her face either. So though they are GREAT for many children, this is just another example of how all these tots are different.

I like pair #1. For several reasons. The earpiece is not quite as wide at the hinge which helps with peripheral vision, we've found, and the shape looks very natural and well fitting on her face.

She's gonna do great, and she is DEFINITELY still gorgeous. I've found that I prefer Braska with hers's who she is and I like it. But then again, we're 3 years into the process. :o)

The MOST important thing is to have an optical place who really knows kids, and especially is willing to do the adjusting that's necessary for our little ones shape, ears, bridge, etc. If you have that, you're golden!

(Oh, and don't mess with a strap, I've never seen any kid handle them well, or have them really help. But the cable temples--around the ears--or at least shaped ear pieces will make life much easier.)

Sorry so long!! Just want to share our experience... can't wait to see what you pick!

Aimee said...

Piper goes back to the eye doc here in a couple weeks, and I'm thinking we have about a 50% chance of getting lenses. I blame it on my hubbies terrible eyes, wink wink.

We tried on the Specs4Us in in FL for the NDSC, and they did NOT fit Piper's face. She just had too much of a nasal bridge. I was kinda bummed because it would make the choice so much easier, lol.

I like the first ones, myself. I think she looks like ALL of them belong on her face, to tell the truth. Hope they do great things for her!

Kristen said...

Pair 3, the pink ones are my favorite. I like the shape and size of the frames for her face. Number 1 would be my second choice. And I totally agree with you about specs #4. No likes.

I connect completely with your feelings regarding the glasses for Ella. I went through all of that for Cayman too...not wanting something else to add in the mix of already so many things, not wanting to cover her face up and change her looks, not wanting kids to look at her differently, the expense, the fight to get to her to wear them and on and on. It was a bit of an adjustment for both her and I. But once past that transition period it becomes natural and I don't think of those things too much anymore.

Jennifer said...

Oh my word! Pair 1 by FAR! She is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

Cate said...

I like the first pair.

And thanks for the kick, I'm going to call the eye dr now. He said we don't have to go back til she's 5 but I think we should get them checked anyway. Better safe than sorry.

Aunt Tami said...

Of course i am going to say she looks beautiful in all the glasses....but gotta say as well...the last pair of glasses just dont look right on her. The shape of them seem kind of odd on her face. The first pair with the flowers are really cute....but i think the second pair (the pink ones) are the best! I think the shape goes better with her face and they sit nicely on her nose.....also with her coloring the pink looks really nice! That beautiful blonde hair and porcelain skin blends nicely with the pink coloring. So my vote is for the pink ones......and Shay's too! She picked out Mimi's new glasses for she is saying pink! LOL...big surprise right?! Cant wait to see what hers will look like.....she looks so adorable with them on!!! Hope she keeps them on for you! Love ya's!

Mary said...

Happy 1st day of 31 for 21. Riley loved Ella in her glasses. He wanted to see all the pictures of his Ella.

Shannon said...

She is so stinkin' adorable! I vote pair 1...definitely my favorite, but closely followed by #3. I agree about the specs4us...the style just isn't as flattering.

Hopefully she won't fight you too much, especially if she can notice a big difference in how well she can see.

She is so beautiful, Kacey!

Becca said...

Now this is a tough decision. I thought they ALL looked absolutely adorable on her! If anyone can pull off the glasses look, Ella sure can! I can't really differentiate between any of the styles - they all kinda looked the same...CUTE!
I'm sad that her eyes suddenly changed. I wonder how often this happens, and if we should be taking Sammi in for a vision check-up more frequently than once a year...
Don't worry, she'll get used them!

Cheryl said...

She looks so cute in all of them! I think any of the first three would be good but my favorite is pair #1.

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Seems like most people are in agreement that pair #1 look the best. I think they all look good on her, but #1 is my favorite.

I am with you on your feelings and we are always hoping that the doctor tells Sweet Pea that she doesn't have to wear them anymore, but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen. Ella looks really good in the glasses though and that will hopefully make the transition easier on you. Good luck and we are all here if you need to vent!

Cammie Heflin said...

She looks great! We got the Specs 4 Us for Addy but we tried on like 6 different pair till we found the ones she liked!

Wendy P said...

Kira says pair 2 are "cute!". We have specs 4 us, though a slightly different frame style. Kira is really good about leaving them on, most of the time.

Ella looks like such a big girl!

Kassy said...

Pair #1!

Tiffany said...

Adorable! I like #3. :)

Kristin said...

That pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about Abby's hearing aid! I hate it! I think it only highlights her facial difference even more and is 1 more thing for her to get picked on about. I know that she needs it I understand all of that but still it's a hard pill to swallow. I don't think I'd hate it as much if it were a standard over-the-ear aid.

I just hope to get my opinions and feelings out of it so as not to project them on her. She doesn't care for the hearing aid only because of an ill fit, but to her image is nothing, I hope to instill a high self esteem so that she make better cope with teasing in the future.