Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 28 - Cop

Last Friday I left my mom's house, she watched Ella while I worked, and headed to Ella's OT appointment. Well, apparently I was not paying much attention to neither the speed in which my van was traveling down the road nor the posted speed limit and all of a sudden there was a motorcycle behind me with flashing red and blue lights. Crap!!

Ella never saw the flashing lights because she cannot of course turn around in her carseat, he never turned on the siren, and as soon as I saw him I was able to pull over because there was no one else around. So I pull over and immediately get out my stuff....license and registration, yep I know the drill I've been pulled over a time or 4 or 5, though never with Ella in the car (once when Hunter was a little guy.) Anyhow, the officer comes up to my window and Ella yells from the backseat "HI COP!!!" totally excited. The cop starts laughing and says "did someone just say hi cop?" It was cute. And for the record, no I did not get a ticket.

To say there is a "cop" obsession in this house would be a bit of an understatement. Hunter loves all things, officers, swat teams, shows, costumes, you get the picture. And of course he says he is going to be a police officer when he grows up. Groan. I've been around police work since I was 12, my stepdad was a police officer up in Alaska and I joined the Law Enforcement Explorers when I was 14. I did many a ride alongs and loved it, and I too was going to be a police officer, I just knew it!! I just had to wait to turn 21 and at 19 I became a 911 dispatcher, just waiting out my time. Well, then I got married and moved away. I of course married a military cop and somehow my dreams went away. Instead I dreamt of having children and then once I did I became scared. When I was 17, a senior in high school, one of my Explorer advisors and really someone I totally idolized and rode along with every chance I got, was killed in the line of duty at the age of 25 leaving behind a young son. So once I became a mom I became scared of course, of the danger involved and leaving my children with no mom, scared of two parents working shift work and how hard that would be and so I let go of that dream. Some days I think about the "what if's..." but really I'm glad that is not my life. Now my husband is a city police officer and I hear all the stories of his adventures at night and think, no thanks!

Anyhow, to think of my little boy growing up and becoming a cop scares the crap out of me. Ugh. Of course because Hunter is so obsessed with everything cop, Ella gets to hear a lot about it and whatever Bubba is excited about guess who else is too? Everytime we pass a police car Ella gets all excited and says "a cop a cop!" and she loves to get into Daddy's wallet and take out his drivers license and his work ID (which has a picture of him in uniform) and she will point to the license and say "Daddy" and then the ID and say "Daddy COP!" It's just too cute.

Hunter - Halloween 2008

Ella and Hunter in Daddy's Honor Guard hat.

Hunter sitting with Daddy at the award ceremony where Chris received a life saving medal. Hard not to idiolize that!

Chris reading to Ella's class last year.

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Dawn said...

Oh boy...cop obsession...know it well...Hunter is young and so talented in many areas...maybe he'll want to do something else...something safer when he's grown. In the meantime, Chris is a perfect role model for him and Ella.