Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 5 - Clothes

Lately Ella has had opinions about what she wants to wear. I lay her clothes out for school the night before, because Chris gets her ready for school when I am at work and we all know what she would look like if he picked, often these days she says she wants to wear "Bubba's shirt." I just think it is so cute. This shirt, that she wore to school today, is one of Hunter's old shirts and I liked it so Ella has it now : )

And her VERY favorite pajamas......Bubba's old "I-man jammies" or Spiderman jammies. I'm totally kicking myself for not saving all his old PJ's, she would love them and I happen to think that pajamas are horribly over-priced!

Showing off her muscles : )
I mean really....who wouldn't want to be just like Ella's Bubba??? He is the coolest kid I know!
Even when he is a goofball : ) I love this kid.


Becca said...

Oh, Spidey jammies on Ella are awesome! I just put Samantha in mis-matched, old stuff that I don't like enough anymore to put her in in public, rather than buying new jammies. It isn't worth it. As long as she's comfortable while she's sleeping, who cares, right?
And I'm the one that gets Samantha ready for school every morning. I would totally not be comfortable with my husband finding appropriately cute clothes for her. LOL

Kristen said...

Ella is so lucky to have a mama who passed on the gene for beautiful hair!

I completely agree about pj's being over-priced. Cayman could use a few more footie jammies but I have been holding off because I don't like the price.

Kristin said...

hehe - love the spidey jammies.

Kelly said...

How cute!! A ballerina and shares spiderman pj's with her brother......that is one well rounded little girl you have there!! LOVE it=)

my family said...

love the jammies!! how old is Ella? she has a great big brother.

Cammie Heflin said...

So so cute!!! Addy just throws her clothes on the floor that she doesn't want but hasn't really shown an interest in what she does!

Pallavi said...

That shirt is so cute. Ella looks super cool in those I Man pajamas..

And I noticed Hunter has growing up so fast :)

Unknown said...

Love the Jammies!!