Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 25 - Sticker fun

On Saturday night after baths and jammies the kids decided they wanted to color. Hunter loves to draw roads and put sticker cars on. Ella of course wanted Hunter's stickers so I remembered that I had also bought her a sticker book. Both of their books are Melissa and Doug sticker books and have over 700 stickers. They are really neat! I didn't realize what great OT for Ella this would be : ) It is HARD to manipulate tiny little stickers, even for me! But she was quiet motivated so she didn't even know she was working!!!

The cheesy smile. Now with added eye squinting. Not sure why she is doing this....

And the cheesy boy : )

Hunter's sticker creations

Ella's stickers. These are really cute, like paper dolls but stickers. The shoes were super hard!
And a tea party, this one was easier! And she was SO proud of her work!!


patsy said...

so much fun! the melissa and doug books are always girls love their huge coloring books!

Lori said...

Very cute creations! =)
BTW - wanted to tell you that you are doing an awesome job at the 31 for 21. I can't even get online to check more than a couple times/week - let alone write something everyday. I have been enjoying everyone's posts and increased number of pictures =)
Keep it up -- you are almost done! =)

Becca said...

Oh, how awesome! I'm inspired...gotta look at doing that with Samantha! Well done, Ella!

kecia said...

i am impressed she sat there and stuck to it! way to go Ella!

Aunt Tami said...