Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 30 - Glasses/Eye help needed!!!!!

Alright, I need your help........ I took Ella back into the eye doctor's office a couple of days ago. Ella has been in her glasses for about 2 1/2 weeks now and I had a few concerns. She has been squinting a lot, not making eye contact instead looking down, pretty quick to cry (I was worried she was having headaches) and her eyes have been crossing A LOT both with her glasses off and on. I have definitely noticed that Ella is doing things up close quicker and more accurate with her glasses on, I was more worried how it was affecting the far away things. So the doctor retested her both with and without her glasses on and assured me that her prescription is correct, which I believe him. But he was very concerned at how much she is crossing. He said typically (approximately 80% of kids) will stop crossing when they have their glasses on and it may appear that they cross more when they take off their glasses. And then there is 20% whose crossing does not respond to glasses and or patching. So what about patching I ask him. Well my girl is crossing BOTH of her eyes equally and you can't really patch both. I told him that before the glasses we noticed her eyes crossing maybe once every few days and now it is A LOT. He said her muscles seem to be breaking down quickly and had done even more in the past 3 weeks since we were last there. So, he said we will very likely be needing surgery but wants to wait 2 months just to make sure the glasses won't correct it. Of course our doctor is leaving town for good, but we are in with another doctor in his practice and have an appt scheduled for Jan 4th. So for now I get to just worry about it. Has anyone else had this happen???? The surgery corrects the crossing but not the vision issue right? Anyone had unsuccessful surgery, complications???

Here are a few pictures where I have caught one of her eyes crossing with her glasses on.....

And without her glasses....the other eye

Yesterday I got to go to Hunter's Halloween party at his school. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad that this year his teacher does the party's in the afternoon so I can attend after work!!! (Last year they were all in the morning and I work until 2 MWF.) I got to make Spider cookies with 25 1st graders. Fun stuff. I love that Hunter is still sweet to me, even in public, and greets me with a big hug and a "I'm so happy you came mommy!" I love my boy!!! He dressed up this year as a SWAT officer, big surprise : )

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RK said...

I hear ya... we're there too. Braska's crossing has seemed to be much more frequent over the past few weeks, even WITH her glasses, which has not happened before. We've only discussed surgery a few times, and each time the response has been that she doesn't need it at this stage because the glasses are correcting. But they don't seem to be. We'll be going back in this next week, most likely.

I would hate to have to wait til January, but then again, who is in a hurry for eye surgery.

Jen at ReJenerationS and her Sophie went through surgery (for a bit different problem, but related to the crossing) so she has some info on her blog. But her problem was not vision at all, just muscular for the crossing.

The surgery is just for the crossing, as I understand it...doesn't change the vision element.

Amazing that the eye could change so quickly... but that's what I'm thinking is probably happening here too.