Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 31 - Phew I made it!

Well, here we are the last day of 31 for 21. I hope you all have enjoyed my posts.....I'm just so glad I made it to the end, (I've tried the last few years but failed!) I have definitely enjoyed reading every one's blogs. I still have a lot of posts that I have wanted to write but haven't gotten around to, guess I'll tackle that soon!

I am writing this early because I know that tonight I will have two children that are on a sugar/excitement high and I will be wrestling them into bed : ) I plan to post trick-or-treat pictures tomorrow!!!

For now enjoy this video that my friend Molly sent to me, it is SO cute!!!


Kristen said...

that was a sweet video. Cayman watched it with me.

And way to go...accomplishing 31 for 21!

Jennifer said...

Don't stop!!! I love reading your blog and looking at pictures!!!!!